Health & Safety CDM


From 6th April 2015, all projects large or small have been covered under the CDM Regulations.

Do you have your own competent health and safety specialist in-house? Are you in a position to comply with CDM 2015? If not AMC Safety's CDM service is designed to ensure that all those involved in construction work comply with all aspects of CDM.

AMC Safety has experience in a wide range of projects of varying size and complexity with particular expertise on demolition, roads and drainage and housebuilding.

Our CDM service includes:-

Close liaison with the design team to ensure all designers comply with their duties. Identify information that the client should be in a position to hand on to others including asbestos surveys, service information and the proposed use of the building. Prepare a health and safety information pack identifying the remaining risks for the use by principal contractors during the tender process.

Evaluate tendering contractor's responses to the health and safety information pack.

Advise clients on the suitability of the developed construction phase plan prepared by the principal contractor.

  • Notify the Health and Safety Executive of the project.
  • Prepare the Health and Safety File for the project

Health and Safety File

The CDM Regulations place duties on all those who can contribute to the health and safety of a construction project. The Regulations place duties upon clients, designers, principle contractors, contractors and ultimately the principal designer to produce the health and safety file.

The degree of detail as well as the time and effort required to comply with your legal duties need only be in proportion to the nature, size and level of the project. Therefore for small projects with minimal health and safety risks, you will only be required to take simple, straightforward steps and few, if any, specialist skills will be needed.

Health & Safety CDM