Water Hygiene Services

Legionella Risk Assessment

  • A fully comprehensive detailed report in compliance with AcOP L8.
  • All required systems are identified and inspected as part of your water risk assessment
  • The risks within your systems are identified Schematic diagrams of the systems are produced as part of the legionella assessment
  • The condition of the water within your system and accessible equipment is determined through the legionella survey
  • Specific reports are provided on any remedial work or modifications needed in order to reduce legionella risk
  • This course is intended for those in acheter supervisory and managerial positions in all types of organisations.

Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Hot water checks

  • Routine legionella monitoring including the provision of log book if required
  • Check temperatures in flow and return at calorifiers
  • Check water temperature up to one minute to see if it has reached 50oC in all hot water   taps, including sentinel taps
  • Arrange for samples to be taken from hot water calorifiers in order to note condition of drain water
  • Visual check on internal surfaces of calorifiers for scale and sludge. Check representative taps for temperature as above on a rotational basis