First Aid Training

First Aid Training Courses

First Aid at Work

Duration of course: 3 Days - 9.00-17.00

Who is course for: Those requiring training for advanced levels of hazards or where there is a need to provide additional training, covering a wider syllabus of conditions and treatments.

Course content:

  • Introduction to First Aid, the aims and priorities of treatment.
  • Resuscitation, flow chart, chain of survival, CPR
  • Unconsciousness, definition and causes, recovery position, head injuries, stroke, life threatening conditions.
  • Airway and breathing problems, choking, anaphylaxis, asthma and croup, drowning, chest injuries, hyperventilation.
  • Circulation problems, angina, heart attack, shock, fainting.
  • Wounds and bleeding, hygiene, blood loss, nosebleed, eye injury, amputation, internal bleeding.
  • Poisons, burns and scalds.
  • Injuries to bones, muscles and joints.
  • Effects of heat and cold.
  • Other serious conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, febrile convulsions.
  • Employer's responsibilities, first aid kits, assessments, reporting incidents, accident book.

First Aid at Work (Refresher)

Duration of course: 2 Days - 9.00-17.00

Who is course for: For those who need to renew their First Aid Certificate.

Course content:

  • The course aims to update and refresh the first aider's knowledge and skills of the First Aid at Work syllabus. Individuals must possess a valid First Aid at Work certificate.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Duration of course: 1 Days - 9.00-17.00

Who is course for: This course is designed for minimum level first aid training in a low risk working environment.

Course content:

  • First aid regulation, aims and principles
  • Priorities of first aid
  • Management of an accident
  • Action at an emergency
  • Assessing and treating casualties who are wounded (bleeding, burns, bone injuries).
  • Common workplace injuries.

Qualification: For successful candidates a First Aid Certificate is awarded which is valid for three years.

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