Audit / Safety Inspection

Workplace Inspections

Periodic inspections of your site or workshop are the most important method of ensuring your organisation meets the latest health and safety standards.

AMC Safety will conduct a pro-active assessment of on site or workshop conditions including both software issues i.e. statutory documentation, risk assessments, training records, statutory inspections and physical issues such as scaffolding, working at height, plant and equipment, noise and housekeeping.

Our experienced advisor will undertake a tour of the site or workshop in the company of the authorised person. Site conditions are measured against a standard checklist and each observation is recorded and prioritised for action. As well as observations our advisor will record instances of good practice or advice given.

A site inspection report will be printed out and left with the site or workshop and a copy e-mailed direct to a nominated person in your organisation to keep you up to date with actual conditions and to permit prompt executive action to be taken as required.

Workplace Audits

AMC Safety aim to help organisations wanting to reduce uncontrolled hazards, manage the risk of workplace accidents and ill health and ensure their occupational health and safety arrangements meet both relevant legislative requirements.

AMC Safety's health and safety audits will provide:

  • Confirmation that your health and safety systems and arrangements meet relevant standards.
  • An independent external review and assessment of your systems by an experienced health and safety practitioner
  • Ongoing opportunity to demonstrate continual improvement within your organisation.

The key areas that are covered within our health and safety audit include:

  • Structural and environmental issues
  • Safety organisation and systems
  • Storage systems and procedures
  • Traffic management
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Fire protection and prevention
  • Working at height issues
  • Manual handling and ergonomics
  • Personal safety
  • Storage and use of chemicals
  • Provision, suitability and maintenance of PPE
  • Display screen equipment
  • Accident and incident reporting/investigation

We also offer full indepth audits to organisations that require a detailed and objective evaluation of their occupational health and safety management system. The audit identifies areas of strength and weakness and provides a structured approach to continuous improvement.

The benefits of an indepth audit:

  • Verification of the effectiveness of your health and safety management system.
  • A comprehensive audit report outlining the findings of the audit, quantified outcomes, associated areas of improvement with detailed recommendations.
  • Improved safety performance, workforce morale and wellbeing.
  • Potentially reduced rates of accidents, injuries, ill-health, litigation costs and improved productivity.

As with site inspections a report will be printed out and left with on site or workshop and a copy e-mailed direct to a nominated person in your organisation.

Environmental Audit

Our Environmental Audit aims to underpin the environmental and sustainability performance of your business. We analyse your policies, processes and practices and recommend improvements. This audit will help organisations identify and prioritise actions for performance improvement. Good environmental management is good for business.

The audit process involves a systematic and objective assessment of available data and information. During the audit the auditor will seek to assure and verify environmental performance through a process of document review, interviews with relevant management and staff, and observation of environmental activities of the ground.

Our final report will identify any gaps and opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Clarifying your legal position.
  • Improving existing environmental management practices.
  • Assurance of an effective environmental management system.
  • Identifying strengths and improvements in operational efficiency.
  • Promoting leadership, effective communication and sustainability.

Key benefits include:

  • Eliminating waste, more efficient resource use and financial savings improving operating efficiency.
  • Reducing risk to the environment and prevention of pollution.
  • Monitoring, measurement and reporting of environmental performance to interested parties.
  • Meeting customer and legal requirements.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Support with strategic business goals and objectives.

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